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Top health benefits of ginger powder

Ginger Powder

About ginger powder

Did you know that ginger powder has got a longer shelf life? Yes, that’s right. You can store this spice mix for more than a year. There is no denying that the health medicines that are mostly found in the market have a tinge of ginger added to them. For centuries, people engaged with Ayurveda have used ginger for multiple treatments.  From treating headaches to digestive issues, ginger is a life savior for sure. However, it is only recently that scientists have got to know its medical and clinical properties. Talking about dry ginger powder, people mostly use it in the kitchen to add more aroma and flavor to food. Dry ginger powder is known by many names in India – Sonth in Hindi, Suntha in Marathi, Soonth in Gujarati, Sonti in Telugu, and Shunti in Kannada.

Ginger powder is extracted from the ginger root that is mostly dried. It is slightly brownish or off-white in color. It also has a pungent flavor and a strong aroma. Not only does ginger powder have a long shelf life, but it is also easy to store anywhere in the household. If you are still unaware of the multiple benefits of ginger powder, then this piece of content is for you. To be honest, this spice powder has multiple benefits, especially in the field of Ayurveda. It is known to be excellent natural medicine for treating the common cold. It also has antibacterial properties that help prevent infections in the human body.

Benefits of ginger powder

Here are the top health benefits of ginger powder that you must know:

  1. Relief from an upset stomach: An upset stomach not only annoys you but is also painful at times. The ginger powder consists of anti-inflammatory properties. They help the stomach neutralize the digestive juices. It also stimulates food absorption and digestion. That helps eliminate the excess gas present in the intestinal tracts.
  2. Improved metabolism: Dry ginger powder is rich in thermogenic agents. These agents are very much useful in burning fat in the body. If you consume this powder regularly, it will help boost your metabolism. It will also help burn off excess fat thereby assisting you in losing weight. If you are aiming for the same, make sure to add ginger powder to your regular diet routine.
  3. Cure for morning or motion sickness: Ginger powder is the perfect solution for both motion sickness and morning sickness in pregnant women. You can mix the ginger powder with water to get rid of nausea. It also gives relief from inflammation and soothes the burning stomach.
  4. Aid for common cold: Ginger powder consists of shaogals and gingerols that help relieve common cold. They are extracted from the ginger root. You can consume the same with lukewarm water for fighting with flu and cold. You can further mix the ginger powder with salt and clove powder and consume it twice daily for relief.
  5. Culinary benefits:
  • You can use ginger powder in curries and stews, spices, and masalas. You can also add a pinch of this spice powder to chole or rajma masala to prevent gas in the stomach.
  • You can also mix the ginger powder with a cup of masala chai. It will be a great relief for a sore throat or common cold.
  • You can further add flavor to ginger candies with ginger powder.
  1. Beauty benefits: You can use ginger powder in various face packs to prevent pimples and acne. It is already known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They help kill the acne-causing bacteria and unclog pores. You can mix some milk with ginger powder and make a smooth paste. Apply it directly to your face. You need to leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. This amazing mask helps rejuvenate your skin and leaves a youthful glow to the same. Did you know that you can also make a toner out of ginger powder? So, this amazing spice mix has amazing benefits.

Where can you buy ginger powder?

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