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Cinnamon roll

  • The cinnamon roll is a popular spice used even from the ancient era.
  • Cinnamon is known for its ability to impart taste in beverages and foods.
  • The medicinal properties of cinnamon are globally renown.
  • We promise you that your mouth will be in debt to you forever when you open the packaging for the Cinnamon sticks you buy from spice basket.
  • Just powder them, store them in a tight jar and use sprinkle them on your coffee as you like it!
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Cinnamon stick

Have you struggled to find out fresh cinnamon sticks in India for making tasty cuisines? Get high-quality cinnamons you’ll enjoy without spending more money. Our fresh cinnamon sticks are from the land of spices – Kerala. We are collecting cinnamon from the farmers directly. Hence we ensure that the aroma and taste of the cinnamon are there.
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Reed Diffuser Set – Apple Cinnamon

Reed Diffuser Set – Apple Cinnamon is an easy and elegant way to add fragrance to your personal environment. It
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