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Sappan wood / Pathimugam

Have you struggled to find out fresh pathimugam/ sappan wood for making drinking water? Get high-quality pathimugam/sappan wood you’ll enjoy without spending more money. Perfect for quenches your thirst, this pathimugam / sappan wood will solve all your and your friends or loved ones' thirst issues.

Star anise

  • Star anise is one of the signature spice that is used in Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes.
  • Star anise is one of the spice ingredients of famous chines 'five-spice powder'.
  • Star anise is commonly used to flavour vegetables and meats.
  • Including star anise in food has several health benefits.
  • Another prominent use of star anise is in perfumes.
  • Star anise is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which protects the body from cell damage due to toxins.