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Anti Allergic Oil (Sinoil) 100ml

Anti Allergic Oil (Sinoil) is formulated to protect against allergic infections of the upper respiratory tract. Sinoil is used in

Ayurveda Soaps (65gm)

Ayurveda Soaps is mostly made with ingredients that placing an emphasis on plant products and avoiding man-made ingredients or animal

Ayurvedic Flower Face Pack (Sumukham) 50gm

Ayurvedic Flower Face Pack (Sumukham) is a mixture of ayurvedic flowers-Lotus, Rose, Jasmine etc. Sougandikam nourishes and rejuvenates facial skin.

Baby Massage Oil (Nalpamaradi) 100ml

The Baby Massage oil enriched with Curcuma and neem to nourish and moisturize the baby’s skin. Protect from skin infections

Body Massage Oil ( Raksha ) 200ml

Body Massage Oil (Raksha) enriched with natural roots blended with herbs like Sida, Aloe, vetiver, etc. Raksha is a general

Body Massage Powder ( Udvarthi )

Body Massage Powder ( Udvarthi ) Removes excess fat, fatigue, and bad body odour and tones up the lecture of

Diabetic Controller ( Nisa kathakam ) 100gm

Diabetic Controller ( Nisa kathakam ) this kashaya churna (herbal tea) prepared with amla, eknayaka,nisa,usira kataka, etc to control diabetics.

Erotic Massage Oil ( Sri Gopala ) 100ml

Erotic Massage Oil ( Sri Gopala ) taila is enriched with Ashwagandha – the famous Indian aphrodisiac to explore the

Face Massage Oil ( Safroil )

Face Massage Oil ( Safroil ) is enriched with wild Curcuma and Kashmir saffron -known as the ‘queen’ in beauty

Head Massage Oil (Brami) 200ml

Head Massage Oil (Brami) helps to reduce stress and strain, insomnia, headache, etc. Improves the function of brain nerves. Provides

Herbal Aphrodisiac (Bramhana Paakam) 100gm

Herbal Aphrodisiac (Bramhana Paakam) Withania somnifera Asparagus recemosus Benincasa hispida Mucuna prurita Myristica fragrance Mesua ferrea Leptadenia reticulate etc blended

Joint Mobilizer (Chempaka Vatakizhi )

Joint Mobilizer (Chempaka Vatakizhi )is used to get quick relief from joints pain and remove the spasm and inflammation. Vatakizhi